User ManualsProduction › How to report Quantity and Time for Operation?

The really handled Quantity that is ready and can be passed to the next Operation and actually spent Time can be optionally reported for any Production Order Operation using "Operation Reporting" form.  The Reported Quantity for specific Operation cannot be greater than Quantity Out successfully handled at previous Operation taking into account the already Reported Quantity for this Operation (including Ready Quantity, Scrap and On Hold Quantities).  The reported Operation will be updated in the Production Order with reported data.

The Components assigned to reported Operation will be issued automatically in accordance with Reported Quantity (so, such Components should be preliminary reserved).  The corresponding Inventory Transactions with Type = “PRODISS” (Issue for Production Order) will be saved in the Inventory Transactions History for each issued Component.  The Production Order Work In Progress (WIP) Report will be updated with data about issued Components.