User ManualsSales Process › How to ship Inventory Parts?

When the Inventory Parts included into Shipment are fully or partially reserved (and picked if Picking is activated by system parameter), You can ship reserved Parts using two alternative options "Ship" or "Ship and create new" from the Context Menu.  In both cases described in our example, the reserved Parts will be shipped.  If the "Ship and create new" option is selected, then the new Shipment will be created automatically (if required) for the Inventory Parts, that was not reserved or was reserved partially before shipping.

After shipping, the Statuses of Shipment Lines and Shipment Status will be updated automatically.  The corresponding stock transactions will be automatically generated and stored in the Inventory Transactions History.  The Statuses of original Customer Order Lines and Status of original Customer Order will be also updated automatically.  The changed Statuses, actually Delivered Quantity and calculated Left Quantity (Rest Quantity) for each original Order Line can be reviewed in the original Customer Order.