User ManualsPurchase Process › How to register Arrivals?

Any goods delivered from Supplier should be registered as a Purchase Order Arrivals.  Using incoming Supplier's Waybill, the following details can be registered for each arrived Inventory Part: Arrived Quantity, Price and Currency, Additional Cost etc.  For each Supplier's Waybill the Actual Arrival Date and Waybill Number should be registered.  The number of Supplier's Waybills registered against one particular Purchase Order is unlimited.

The Status of original Purchase Order and Statuses of related Order Lines will be changed automatically to the "Arrived" or "Partially Arrived" values in accordance with really registered arrivals.  The registered Purchase Order Arrivals can be reviewed and cancelled (if necessary).  Also, they can be optionally used to organize quality control or manage other required checking procedures in accordance with Supplier specific Incoming Inspection Scheme assigned to each particular Purchase Part.  Eventually, the registered Purchase Order Arrivals will be used to receive arrived goods into Inventory.